Takashi Ito

Takashi Ito focuses on sound contract implementation in the projects funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). His enhanced knowledge of international construction contract, in particular different FIDIC contract forms, helps JICA’s clients and other stakeholders for their projects/contracts moving for a better direction at different stages (i.e. project formulation, bidding, contract administration, etc.). He has represented JICA in a lot of international gatherings organized by different organizations in this field (e.g. FIDIC, DRBF, etc.) and has been appointed as JICA’s representative to FIDIC IFI advisory group.
In the context of promotion of sound contract implementation, dispute resolution has been an area that his energy has particularly been devoted to. Some of his outstanding achievements are, for example, creation of the National List of Adjudicators in Japan, publication of “Dispute Board Manual” for practitioners, all in close collaboration with different FIDIC experts.
Also in the same context, Mr. ITO has the conviction that occupational safety and health constitute a vital factor to realize “Quality Infrastructure” while keeping level playing field in the bidding process, in particular, in the public procurement. This conviction took him to a long journey of reflection, which finally led him to elaboration of “JICA Standard Safety Specification (JSSS)”, published in February 2021, as a contractual document unique in the world in this area for use of the stakeholders engaging in international construction contracts under FIDIC contract forms.

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