Useful Information

We are very happy to welcome you to the 8th GLOBAL PROCUREMENT CONFERENCE!

We would like to give you some handy information to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Our Staff will be at your disposal for any information.


As soon as you arrive at Villa Mondragone please register yourself at the Welcome Desk.

Certificate of Attendances will be available at the end of the Conference.


Always wear your badge for PR and security reasons.


A cloakroom will be available at the entrance of the Conference Hall. Please ask the Welcome Desk if you need to store your luggage.

WiFi connection

WiFi will be available at the venue; You only need to access to the network called EVENTIVILLAMONDRAGONE which is open (no need for password).


Please ensure that mobiles are switched off – or to silent – during the sessions.


Refreshments – coffee break and lunch – will be served during the conference, at scheduled times indicated on the program. If you have any kind of allergy please let us know in advance.

 Privacy policy

All Conference sessions will be filmed and photographed. Therefore, participants are invited to read the Privacy Notice, which is available at the following webpage: - bottom page – “Privacy and Terms” under the section Contact us.

Attendees may ask the Staff for more information in case they do not want to be filmed or photographed.


At the end of the Conference, all participants are kindly requested to leave the filled-out Evaluation Questionnaire at the Registration Desk. Participants’ feedback and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Session material

After the conference the secretariat will communicate via email to all participants when the speakers’ slides and any other session materials are available on the website of the conference.


Villa Mondragone is located in Via Frascati 51, Monte Porzio Catone (RM).

You can find a list of suggested hotels at at the bottom of the page.


  • The conference will be held in an ancient historical building which is not air-conditioned. Ensure to wear comfortable and fresh clothes. Fans will be provided to all participants.
  • The venue is not within walking distance and not easy to reach.

A dedicated shuttle service (with a sign indicating 8th Global Procurement Conference) will be available in the morning at Piazza Roma in Frascati - from 07:30 to 9:00 - and in the afternoon at the exit of Villa Mondragone at the end of the conference, which will go up and down to/from Villa Mondragone and Piazza Roma in Frascati.

NOTE that this service is not bookable.

If you wish to use it you just need to be in the indicated places and get on the shuttle. If you do not find it, please have the patience to wait until it arrives. 

  • The cost of this transfer will be borne by the participant/s who will use the service (€ 15.00 + VAT from 1 to 3 people/€ 20.00 + IVA 10% from 4 to 8 people)


  • Please help us keep the spaces clean by avoiding eating and leaving empty bottles or glasses inside the conference room and in the spaces adjacent to it


Here are some useful links if you wish to organize your travels on your own to/from Rome Airports, Rome Train Stations, Rome Centre or Villa Mondragone

We strongly suggest you to reserve this service in advance or you risk not to find taxis/private cars available

Costs (10% VAT has to be added to the below indicated prices, if you pay with credit card, during night time a surcharge is applied):

  • from Frascati Railway Station / Frascati Centre to Villa Mondragone – € 15,00 (1-3 pax) or € 20,00 (4-8 pax) 
  • from/to Rome € 65,00 (1-3 pax) or € 100,00 (4-8 pax) 
  • from/to Rome Train Stations (Termini and Tiburtina) € 60,00 (1-3 pax) or € 90,00 (4-8 pax) 
  • from Ciampino Airport to Frascati € 45,00 (1-3 pax) or € 65,00 (4-8 pax) 
  • from Frascati to Ciampino Airport € 40,00 (1-3 pax) or € 60,00 (4-8 pax) 
  • from Fiumicino Airport to Frascati € 80,00 (1-3 pax) or € 100,00 (4-8 pax)
  • From Frascati to Fiumicino Airport € 70,00 (1-3 pax) or € 90,00 (4-8 pax)
  • From/to Fiumicino Airport-Rome € 80,00 (1-3 pax) or € 100,00 (4-8 pax)
  • from/to Frascati € 15,00 (1-3 pax) or € 20,00 (4-8 pax)
  • from/to Anagnina metro Station (the nearest to Frascati) € 30,00 (1-3 pax) or € 45,00 (4-8 pax)

We thank you for being in Rome. We hope you will have an enjoyable experience at the 8th Global Procurement Conference!