5th Global Procurement Conference in pills

Virtual Event on 6-7-8 July 2020

from 2.30pm to 5.30pm CEST

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University of Rome Tor Vergata, with the School of Economics, is launching the 5th Global Procurement Conference that this year, due to the ongoing COVID emergency, will take place VIRTUALLY on July 6th, 7th and 8th. The usual location in Rome, Villa Mondragone a patrician villa in the suggestive territory of the Alban Hills in the area called, from its many castles and villas, Castelli Romani (about 20 km southeast of Rome) will wait for us next year.

The goal of the Global Procurement Conference is to raise awareness for the planetary implications of joint decisions regarding what is purchased, how and for whom in the public domain.

Thanks to a partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the University of Rome Tor Vergata has the pleasure of pr esenting the conference speakers, experts from International Financial Institutions and regulatory bodies, policy-makers, economists, lawyers, public procurers that will engage in a much-needed debate concerning issues related to innovation, competitiveness, sustainability and regulation in procurement worldwide.

The 2020 Global Procurement Conference was a great success: thanks for the support. All the photos and videos available on the website

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The conference will be held VIRTUALLY in 6 sessions distributed in 3 separate events on July 6th, 7th and 8th 2020. Each session hosts two speakers and lasts 90 minutes: 30 minutes for each speaker and 30 minutes for debate. from 2.30pm to 5.30pm CEST.

A History of Professional Upgrading in Procurement at Tor Vergata

Tor Vergata University of Rome is a leading centre of excellence of procurement training, consulting and research. The Master in Procurement Management broke new grounds fourteen years ago by setting new interdisciplinary standards for procurement knowledge and by uniting the fields of law, economics, and engineering to the curriculum of a knowledgeable procurer. In addition, by creating a unique programme for private, public civilian and military personnel, we introduced the revolutionary concept of the need for a joint debate that would foster greater innovation, responsibility, and sustainability across the Italian economy.

Following that successful initiative, a new Master in Public Procurement Management was created in 2012 with the decisive and generous support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development along with the Italian government. More than 100 public procurers from all over the world have come to Rome for 4 months to follow the interdisciplinary courses taught by some of the most important experts in procurement, including IFI specialists, lawyers, economists, and technical experts.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata also hosts the Proxenter, a research institution that uses consulting services and research to support the advancement of scientific understanding of the motives and improvements linked to procurement practices worldwide.

IMPPM classes are composed of qualified professionals who have at least 5 years of experience in field of public procurement, and come from a variety of countries from Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Following the lecture period in Rome, students continue the remaining part of the Master programme from their home countries as they participate in an E-Learning module, perform a professional traineeship in procurement, and research and write their final thesis to conclude the obligations of the IMPPM programme.

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Full list of speakers appearing at the 5th Global Procurement Conference

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The following topics will be presented for consideration and debate:

Download 2020 full programme

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All the videos from the 2020 Global Procurement Conference.