Sanchez-Graells Albert

Albert Sanchez-Graells is a Professor of Economic Law and Director of the Centre for Global Law and Innovation at the University of Bristol Law School. He specialises in EU economic law and, in particular, in competition and public procurement law and policy. His research concentrates on the way the public sector interacts with the market and how it organises the delivery of public services, especially healthcare. Albert is currently researching the impact of digital technologies such as big data, machine learning, blockchain and the internet of things on procurement governance. Albert has authored the leading monograph Public Procurement and the EU Competition Rules, 2nd edn (Bloomsbury-Hart, 2015). Most of Albert’s working papers are available HERE and his analysis of current legal developments is published in his blog

Albert is a Member of the European Procurement Law Group and keeps close connections with leading research groups in the UK and abroad. Albert is a former Member of the Procurement Lawyers Association Brexit Working Group (2017) and of the European Commission Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement (2015-18). Albert has advised the European Court of Auditors, EFTA Surveillance Authority, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and other international institutions. His written evidence to the UK Parliament has influenced debates on Brexit-related issues and on procurement healthcare regulation.

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