May 24, 2016

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to the new GDPR UE Regulation 2016/679  (Euroepan Privacy Code, hereinafter “Code”) Global Procurement Conference 2019, the “Data Controller”, informs that the treatment of personal data is carried out for the purposes of scientific dissemination, such as the organisation and promotion of training events.

Data collection is carried out on paper, electronic media and through photos, audio and video, in compliance to the security measures laid down in the Code.

Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, outside the activity of the Data Controller, unless this is necessary for the completion of specific tasks and after the appointment of the designed party as Data Processor.

In compliance with the above mentioned new GDPR UE Regulation 2016/679, any subject is entitled to access his/her data, to require its integration, update or correction. Requests can be sent to Global Procurement Symposium, Via di Columbia 2, 00133 Rome,

Images and audio-video footages taken during Conferences and training events will be used by the Data Controller as part of the scientific divulgation activities and may also appear on the Website and related social media. The material produced will not be used in any way to harm the dignity of the subject.